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Nirvana Life Plan


The main reason is that I am 100% sure will have a chance to use it. 😂 Let put the joke aside even though to me, it is one of my reason for pre-planning. Allow me to ask you one question, do you agree that “Most of us have at least one medical card or medical insurance”. Will I have the chance to use the medical card? I am grateful that as at writing, I still have not used it. Will I use it in the future? I am not sure, and as you know I wish not to have the chance to use it. Let my premium burned without any return. 😁

But, I am 100% sure will have a chance to use my pre-plan FSP or Funeral Service Package that I have bought. Now it is called NLP or Nirvana Life Plan after the rebranding in November 2020. Sometimes I will joke with my clients/friends, buying a medical card, there is no return if I don’t use it. It is different from NLP, it is sure will have a return as eventually one day I will leave this world. It could be 10 years, 20 years, 30 years from today, or even tomorrow. I will not know when, but I am sure there will be that day.

Like my mum, she passed away out of a sudden. It was a sad 😢 moment for me and my family. It was out of our expectation. We, the children are grateful that my mum already pre-plan her funeral ceremony. It helps, really helps a lot at that moment of grief and loss. With one phone call, the Nirvana Service Consultant can provide guidance to help you throughout the remains collection, death certificate application, funeral wake, and the funeral itself. All funeral arrangements will be handled by the Nirvana team so that family members can grief properly and spend meaningful moments with visiting friends and relatives.

Below is the list of benefits for you when you start the pre-planning now

  • You save a lot of money with the Pre-planning discount of up to approx. 25%
  • You save a lot of money by lock down the price today for future use to prevent inflation from eating up your wealth
  • You assume financial responsibility, leave love instead of debts to your loved one
  • You will have time to consider what best for you and your loved one
  • You can discuss with your loved ones or family
  • You get the alternative payment option of an interest-free installment plan
  • You will have peace of mind

Below is the list of benefits for your loved ones when you start the pre-planning now

  • Your loved ones or family will know who to contact for assistance at that moment
  • Your loved ones or family will not be pressured into making a hasty decision
  • Your loved ones or family can focus on healing instead of having to spend most of the times arranging the funeral and finances side
  • Your loved ones or family can avoid family argument on what ceremony, funeral packages, and finance side on the cost of the wake and funeral ceremony
  • Your loved ones or family is protected from the inflation that caused the rising costs of a funeral, in 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years later

What Nirvana Life Plan Can Do For You

With over 30 years of experience in providing bereavement care services and products, our Nirvana Life Plan, or in short NLP will help you in the following areas:

  • Consultation
  • Embalming Handling & Encoffinment Service
  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony
  • Coordination of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony
  • Funeral Procession Service
  • Additional Products & Service

And you have 3 options of parlors location besides having the ceremony at home. Currently, our 4 to 6-star parlors are at Nirvana Centre Kuala Lumpur (NCKL), Nirvana Memorial Center Sg. Besi and Nirvana Shah Alam.

6-star Parlors @ NCKL

White Lady Service

Our Professional White Ladies are well trained and it is a service that Nirvana created to give respect to all Women. The while ladies will handle the deceased female body to give them the dignity and respect that they deserved. Isn’t it very important?

Nirvana Asia White Lady

Wake and Funeral Service To Cater For Different Religions

Our funeral services, or as you know we called it as Nirvana Life Plan (NLP) did cater to different religions. We have different packages that cater to people with the below religion.

  • Buddhist / Taoist
  • Christian
  • Catholic
  • Soka Gakkai
  • Non-Religious or Free Thinker (Atheist)

For Buddhist / Taoist funeral service, as-need price starting from RM 18,800 up to RM 43,700 but for you, who pre-plan in advance, the starting price is from RM 17,180 up to RM 32,780

For Christian / Catholic funeral service, as-need price starting from RM 14,700 up to RM 21,700 but for you, who pre-plan in advance, the starting price is from RM 12,780 up to RM RM 16,280

For Soka Gakkai and free thinker, our funeral service package is at RM 24,800 for as-need and with pre-planning, it is only RM 18,800

30 Days Waiting Period

Some of us might have this question in mind, “When is the best time to start pre-plan?” And we always tell our clients/friends, it is NOW.

Allow me to illustrate this, as you know the cost of insurance increase as per our age. The younger we are, the lower premium that we have to pay. Same for pre-planning for our final journey, the earliest we pre-plan, the cheapest it will be. WHY? It is because of INFLATION. I still remembered, during my primary school, when my dad bought nasi lemak bungkus (packet) for our breakfast, it only cost RM 0.50 but today, how much is one nasi lemak bungkus? Same for funeral service, things will only get more expensive over time.

Thus, isn’t a wiser move to pre-plan today?

And do you need to come out with RM 12,780 to RM 32,780 now? The answer is NO. It is only required RM 4,000 to 6,000 to start the pre-planning to enjoy all the benefits.

And there are 30 days waiting period in all our NLP packages in order to enjoy the pre-planning discount of up to 25%.

There is also an outstation & transportation charges for location out of 35km radius from Nirvana Care HQ, Kuala Lumpur.

Contact Bryan for further information at no obligation.
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